Carefree Driving With the Subaru Crosstrek

We would all love to be in a futuristic world where all of the vehicles on the road drove themselves and we could just sit back and enjoy the ride, but unfortunately, we’re not yet at that point. However, the Subaru Crosstrek does offer several features which make the driver feel like they’ve entered the carefree world of autonomous vehicles.

The EyeSight® driver assist technology uses a dual set of cameras beside the rearview mirror which are constantly scanning the roadway for possible dangers. The vehicle is then alerted of any incoming threat and is able to provide pre-collision braking and throttle management to help reduce the risk and damage of possible accidents by up to 85 percent.

Other autonomous features provided by the EyeSight system include the adaptive cruise control which automatically maintains a distance with the vehicle in front of you and is capable of both speeding up and slowing down the vehicle to keep that perfect distance. It also includes lane keep assist and sway warning which can alert you if it senses that you are beginning to drift out of your lane.

Even something as simple as the headlights in the Crosstrek have been infused with futuristic technology to make your drive more enjoyable. With the LED steering responsive headlights your vehicle is able to detect when the car is going around a bend and appropriately adjust the light output to provide you with maximum visibility in the direction in which you are turning.

The headlight system can also detect incoming traffic and automatically switch the strength of the beam to a lower setting until the vehicle has passed, at which point it will automatically switch back to full strength without you needing to lift a finger.

Get rid of the stressful component of your driving by getting yourself into a Subaru Crosstrek today. Our Grossinger Subaru team is always standing by to help you find and own your dream vehicle.

Visit your local Grossinger Subaru dealership in Bloomington, IL to check out our extensive inventory of the Subaru Crosstrek or call 888-672-0958 to learn more.

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