Subaru Forester Makes Safety a Number One Priority

There’s nothing more important than making sure you and your passengers stay safe whenever you’re on the road. Subaru understands this and that’s why they’ve loaded the all-new Subaru Forester with top-of-the-line safety features.

The now standard EyeSight® driver assist technology allows a dual set of cameras near the rearview mirror to constantly scan for possible dangers on the roadway. This system helps the vehicle to be able to provide pre-collision braking and throttle management to greatly reduce the risk of damaging and possible life-threatening accidents. With a proven record of reducing rear-end crashes by up to 85 percent, the EyeSight system is making your drive much safer for you and your loved ones.

The Forester is able to not only keep an eye on the road but on the driver as well. With the DriverFocus™distraction mitigation system the vehicle is able to monitor the driver of the vehicle to detect and send an alert whenever they appear to be distracted or drowsy.

The blind-spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert give your vehicle a 360 degree of safety as vehicles or other objects located within your blind spots and behind your vehicle can be detected using several sensors. An auditory and visual alert will then be sent to the vehicle warning you of the potential risk.

If you ever find yourself in an accident or broken down at the side of the road, don’t worry because the Forester comes equipped with several built-in functions that will keep you safe and secure. The STARLINK™system provides advanced automatic collision notifications to alert first responders when an airbag deploys, and SOS emergency assistance to recruit assistance when you encounter trouble on the road.

Ensure that you and your loved ones are perfectly safe whenever you hit the road by trading in your model for an all-new Subaru Forester. The team members at your local Grossinger Subaru are always prepared to help make your Subaru just the way you want it.

Visit your local Grossinger Subaru dealership in Bloomington, IL to check out our extensive inventory of the Subaru Forester or call 888-672-0958 to learn more.

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