Meet The Awesome Tech Inside a Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza has been around for 27 years, introduced all the way back in 1992! Through its many iterations, it has remained a customer favorite and has reached its fifth generation of evolution. It has been found as a four and five door option, a coupe, wagon and a hatchback.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the tech you can expect to find in the latest Subaru Imprezas and learn why it is such a long-lasting, consumer favorite.

Fifth Generation Tech

The Impreza, in its latest style, first appeared around 2017 and is built on what the maker calls the Subaru Global Platform. This is, as it sounds, the platform that all Impreza models are built on, and which are more rigid and with a lower center of gravity than earlier models.

The suspension in this platform has been optimized for comfort and yet the dynamics of some models of Impreza are optimized through Active Torque Vectoring. With a wider and longer wheelbase, it is roomier as well as great where handling is concerned.

While the platform is part of the tech in the Impreza, the motor is as well. The FB20 is a flat four-cylinder engine, with block and cylinder heads made of lighter weight aluminum for optimal efficiency. This engine design also helps ensure a low center of gravity for improved handling, as well. It delivers 152hp and yet also provides high MPG.

The High Tech Features

Platform and engine tech aside, most drivers want to know more about the technology in the Impreza, and it doesn’t fail to deliver.

The later Imprezas are loaded with Subaru’s STARLINK Multimedia options that boost the entertainment and safety experience of driving. Linking with your smartphone, it allows you (through the app) to use the spacious touch screen for audio streaming, navigation, voice commands and more.

In addition to the whole multimedia side of things, the STARLINK system packs a lot of safety and security, as well. These include:

·         Collision Notification – Should an airbag deploy the STARLINK system automatically connects with a Care Advisor to get help on the way. There is also an SOS button on the system for manually cued help.

·         Diagnostic Alerts – If you are the type that ignores warning signs on the dash, this system emails you about the problems.

·         Reports and Notifications – From stolen vehicle resources, car alarm notices, health reports and maintenance updates, this system ensures you car remains safe and functional.

There is also the unique EyeSight driver assist tech that includes adaptive cruise control, braking and throttle management, and lane assist functions.

See All of the Impreza’s Technology Features for Yourself

Are you eager to see the many technology features in the Subaru Impreza? A test drive can acquaint you with all of the comfort, entertainment and safety benefits this car offers. Get behind the wheel and experience the latest technology in the Subaru Impreza. You’ll likely agree that this car offers a superior driving experience.

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