Meet the SUBARU BOXER Engine: Standard in All Imprezas

Did you know that 96% of all Subarus sold since 2009 are still on the road today? This is due to a long list of reasons, including their excellent handling and quality manufacturing, but most importantly, it’s due to the Subaru boxer engine.

Found in every type of Subaru, this engine varies in size and power, but it is always what sets the cars apart from the rest of the crowd. This is particularly true of one of Subaru’s longest-produced models, the wildly popular Impreza.

The Uniqueness of the Boxer Engine

First things first, though. The Subaru Boxer Engine in general is so unique because it uses a horizontal rather than vertical layout, and its pistons run in opposition to each other because of this design. This means that any Subaru has a lot less vibration, or noticeable vibration, than other vehicles. It is a quieter vehicle because of that, and offers a better driving experience.

Let’s not overlook that the lower, compact form of the Subaru Boxer Engine ensures that it can fit in a lower position in the vehicle, giving it a lower center of gravity and truly enhanced handling. Both predictable and balanced handling is why the Subarus are on the road for so many years more than other vehicles – they are far less likely to skid or get involved in an accident.

Chosen for the Vehicle

As Subaru explains, “for every Subaru, there is a Boxer Engine that’s the perfect match,” and for the Impreza it is the 152 hp boxer engine known as the FB20.

This is their Direct-Injection engine that is a four-cylinder engine; lightweight in design and remarkably efficient. It has a longer stroke with more compact combustion chambers, enhanced intake and exhaust efficiency thanks to dual AVCS, and lighter piston weight that adds up to less engine wear in a high combustion and fuel efficient engine.

Naturally, there are other reasons that Subaru trusts their Boxer Engines in their top vehicles. For one thing, acceleration is smoother, but because Subaru is all about safety, the engine is also less likely to cause greater damage in a collision. The engine is low in overall height, and should the vehicle be involved in a frontal collision, it is difficult for it to be forced back into the passenger cabin, meaning less serious injuries to anyone inside of the vehicle.

Not only is the FB20 an ideal power source for the lightweight, easy to handle Impreza, but it also contributes to occupant safety in the event of an accident. Paired with Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD, offering more control and traction, the Boxer Engine ensures that an Impreza is fun and safe to drive, and likely to be on the road for many years to come.

Driving Is Believing

You can experience the superior handling and remarkable power and comfort of the Subaru Impreza when you get behind the wheel yourself. You’ll want to feel how the Boxer Engine works as you drive the Impreza around town and on the highway. Stop in soon and test drive the Subaru Impreza – its FB20 engine provides a singular driving experience.
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