The Safety Features of the Subaru Ascent

The Subaru brand is known for innovation and safety, and its largest vehicle, the Ascent, is packed with a long list of safety features and options. While most of the safety features come standard, there are a few options to consider when buying this mid-sized, crossover SUV. Let’s start with the standard safety features in every Ascent.

There will always be ABS brakes, stability control, an array of airbags, pretensioners on the seat belts and security, but the Ascent also features:

High Strength Steel Body

Built on Subaru’s Global Platform, this uses high strength steel meant to offer remarkable rigidity and durability along with vibration resistance. This promises one of the quietest interiors and a cozy driving feel, and yet offers remarkable strength and protection at all angles.


This is standard driver assist technology that comes in every Ascent. Not only does it monitor traffic movement, alerting you to risky situations, but it also:

·         Optimizes cruise control

·         Issues a warning if your vehicle sways outside the travel lane

·         Provides Pre-Collision Braking that can even use the full braking force of the car in an emergency situation

This technology has been proven to limit rear-end crashes with injury by up to 85% and has allowed the vehicle to receive the highest possible safety ratings for front collisions and impacts.

Also available in most of the Ascent models are the following safety options:

Active Safety

Some of the Ascent models have what are known as active safety features that include:

·         Blind-Spot Detection – This is a system that issues a visual warning on the side mirrors if there is a potential impediment in your blind spot

·         Rear Cross-Traffic Alert – This alerts you to traffic approaching from either side of the vehicle if you are in Reverse or backing up

360 Degree Visibility

The Ascent also uses dedicated cameras to ensure safer backing up. The Smart Rear-View Mirror lets you know when there is an impediment, while the standard Rear-Vision Camera also gives an extra measure of safety when the car is reversing.

There is also a 180 Degree Front Camera option that offers visual assistance around the sides and travel path of the vehicle.


Another great safety feature, this is available on several models of the Subaru Ascent and is formally the STARLINK Safety and Security System. This syncs your vehicle to your computer and mobile phone and incorporates a long list of technologies and useful options. It includes “Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Vehicle Alerts, remote services, and more.” It is also capable of linking your mobile device to a Remote Engine Start with Climate Control system that allows you to safely start your vehicle ahead of time.

LED Steering Responsive Headlights

Lastly, some of the models of Ascent have this remarkable safety option that “actively tracks in the direction of a turn to enhance visibility.” This feature can be paired with high beam assistance that automatically adjusts your headlights when an oncoming vehicle is detected.

Take a Test Drive in the Subaru Ascent

Exceptional safety features such as those found in the Subaru Ascent make it a very popular choice for anyone who wants a safe and comfortable ride. If you’re looking for a new car, the Subaru Ascent’s safety features allow you to have peace of mind, whether you’re going on a short errand or a long trip. Discover the Subaru Ascent’s many safety benefits for yourself when you take a test drive.

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