What Safety Features Does a Subaru Impreza Offer?

If you are already a fan of the Subaru Impreza (and since it has been a popular vehicle since the early 1990s, it’s not unusual to love these cars), you may already know that it is a super safe vehicle full of unique features and systems.

However, did you know that fifth generation Imprezas rate as some of the safest in the market? In fact, some of their safety systems have won them a spot as a top pick by such auto industry experts as IIHS. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ways that a Subaru Impreza ensures driver and passenger safety.

Strong Frame

The Subaru Global Platform is a design innovation that provides the most resilient vehicle imaginable. It uses high strength steel for impact energy absorption and gives the Impreza its five-star crash safety rating from the NHTSA. The platform also ensures a low center of gravity for optimal handling.

Driver Awareness

With features that include Reverse Automatic Braking that detects objects behind the car, proximity alerts, and standard Rear-Vision Cameras, you will never fail to be as alert and aware as possible.

EyeSight and Enhanced Vision

Described as a spare set of eyes and an extra braking pad, the EyeSight Driver Assist Tech alerts to a long list of dangers and adds to that by using braking technology that can even bring you to a full stop if needed. With pre-collision functions and adaptive cruise control, this feature is like a full-time driving partner helping you remain safe at all times.

The LED Steering Responsive Headlights literally look around corners, and the High Beam Assist clicks down the high beams when other vehicles are detected, so you don’t mistakenly blind oncoming drivers.

The Imprezas even have Lane Change Assist to help you recognize traffic in a neighboring lane whenever you signal to switch lanes. The vehicle also includes Rear Cross-Traffic alert that warns of any approaching vehicles if you are about to switch lanes.

Passenger Safety

Subaru is also noted for its innovations in airbag deployment, and the Impreza is no exception. The standard airbag array in the Impreza includes seven different areas. There are a driver’s side knee bag, forehead bags, side airbags, and more.

Symmetrical AWD

The Symmetrical All Wheel Drive adjusts for emergency maneuvering and relies on VDC electronic traction and stability controls to recognize when the driver has lost control of the vehicle. It can actually keep the car on the intended path, and the advanced Brake Assist can kick in and give optimal, maximum pressure if needed.

Whether interested in a sedan or hatchback, a new or used option, you’ll find that a fifth generation Impreza is among the safest vehicles in its class.

Check Out The Subaru Impreza’s Safety Features Yourself

Do you want to drive a vehicle packed with safety features? If you answered “yes,” you may wish to test drive the Subaru Impreza. Once you experience how the Impreza incorporates the latest technology into its safety systems, you may want to seriously consider this car as your next vehicle. Get behind the wheel of an Impreza today and discover its many safety features for yourself.

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